Extreme Adventures

Research organization for assistantship/ consulting firm

Mt Manaslu Adventure Trek Pvt. Ltd. Provide the full depth information and guidelines for the research organization or university research team /individual group /peer groups about Geology, Environment, Bio-diversity, Hydropower, Film industry sector, tourism, Wildlife, Caves, Agriculture, Consulting firm etc. We provide the necessary information and arrangement that are required to support for their expert. who are interested to study / conduct the pilot survey in different sectors such as hydropower, capacity building in different sectors. We will assist them to advise in setting methodology under fact - finding mission in context of Nepal with the help of professor from different university and local expert in relation field under Manaslu's Criteria.

Cultural experience in countryside with volunteer work
This program is intended to the volunteer's tourist whose purpose is to work or engage in a particular work in between the gap of before collage, collage and university and after university (before result and the Job). We will manage for those types of people who are interested to make a career in education, social work and others. We will arrange their required service to them in collaboration with schools, collages and NGOs with residential service in different part of the country in village. While they are there in village they can learn the local culture and people more as well as their volunteer work.

Service Charge:
One month volunteer work - USD 305.00 Per person.
Two month volunteer work - USD 590.00 Per person.
Three month volunteer work - USD 875.00 Per person.

Honeymoon Holiday Trip
Nepal is a bunch of many communal people with there own cultural & customs. According to Eastern philosophy we believe in single marriage life. If you are interested to marry in our land & holy places, we manage such kind of function and you can spend your valuable honeymoon time with different programs through out the kingdom of Nepal in different altitude, scenario, and Vedic/ spiritual importance place for the newly married couple.


  • Banji Jumps
  • Mountain flight
  • Paraglading
  • cycle Tour
  • Culture tour: