River Rafting in Nepal

The high Himalayas with its glaciers make Nepal a river runner's paradise. Nepal is full of beautiful rivers, which all originate from the beautiful Himalayas in the north and flow all south to the lowland plains. rafting down the relatively warm water so uncharacteristic of a Himalayan river makes you aware of the cultural diversity as you pass by, making this a unique adventure and without doubt one of the world's most popular adventure travel activities.

The choice of river for a rafting trip will depend on how much time you have & how fit you are. Rivers are graded from 01 to 06 in the international scale with class 01 being the easiest and class 06 the hardest. It can vary from the seven days white water trip down the Sunkosi, Karnali or Tamur, to short trips along the Trisuli, Marsyangdi and Kali Gandaki. Nevertheless, no matter how many days of rafting you plan for yourself, it is sure to give you the joy of clean blue water, lovely beaches, friendly villagers and some of the most spectacular sceneries of Nepal