Tibet Tour, Trekking, Climbing and Expedition

Tibet MapFrom north of the Himalaya Tibet beckons.Originally Tibet was called Bod-yul, Ti-both and finally Tebet. After this came the modern name Tibet. Even now Tibetans call the country Po, both, and Chang-thang, although there is a different province called Chang-thang in Tibet. Tibet is the loftiest tableland in the world ranging from 3600 m. & above from the sea-level with snowy mountains with eternal snow & desertic lands. The maior part of the country is mountain, bleak and barren except some valleys. There are many salt-water lakes like Koko Nor and Lob Nor which are the biggest lakes in Tibet. Also there are some fresh water lakes like Manasarovar, Rakchhesh, Tso Mavang and Langak Tso and many most famous & biggest rivers as well.The capital city of Tibet is Lhasa, situated on the right bank of the Kyi Chhu. Lhasa, the forbidden city truly epitomized the ultimate travel destination. Tibet's immense, stark, grand plateau, its warm cheerful people and its unique cheerful Buddhist tradition, imbued with mysticism, appeared to many through the embodiment of the mythical Shangri-La. Travel to early Tibet requires a good deal of courage and luck, and for those hardy, intrepid explorers and adventurers Lhasa, the forbidden city, truly epitomizes the ultimate travel destination. Tibet's remoteness, its hunting magical beauty, continues to captivate the imagination of travelers.